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The movies that transported and troubled us in 2017

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Throughout the final week of 2017, culture writers from across Vox Media will be chatting about the best works of the year. In this installment, Vox’s Todd VanDerWerff, Alissa Wilkinson, and Genevieve Koski; The Verge’s Tasha Robinson; and Polygon’s Julia Alexander talk about the movies of 2017. Todd VanDerWerff: My favorite movies in 2017 weren’t escapism, […]

WhatsApp Gets Legal Notice in India for Middle Finger Emoji

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A Delhi-based advocate on Tuesday sent a legal notice to mobile messaging app WhatsApp, asking it to remove the “middle finger” emoji within 15 days. Gurmeet Singh, who practises as a lawyer in city courts in Delhi, said showing the middle finger is not only illegal but an obscene and lewd gesture – an offence […]

WhatsApp will STOP working on these phones on New Year’s Eve ..

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WhatsApp will no longer support BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone, as the company has confirmed plans to stop supporting these platforms by the year end. This essentially means that this is the last week (too many ultimatums for this week!!) you will be able to use all the features of WhatsApp on these platforms. While […]

How to replace your old, depreciated iPhone battery

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Apple has confirmed that processors used in the iPhone 6, 7, and SE are intentionally slowed down by newer iOS updates to address aging lithium-ion batteries. The change is meant to reduce random shutdowns by throttling the phone’s CPU, but that also leads to slower performance. While the slower performance might persuade some Apple users to switch […]

“Hey Google” hotword for phones rolling out to more users

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For years, the Google Search app for Android has listened for the voice command “Ok Google.” This carried over to Google Assistant, but it hasn’t become any less awkward to say. When the Google Home was first introduced, it could listen for “Hey Google” in addition to the old phrase. Back in October, Google started […]

Adidas will quit making wearable fitness devices

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Adidas is officially getting out of the wearable fitness industry, at least when it comes to making its own devices, according to a report from the Portland Business Journal that the company is shuttering its hardware division. Adidas will be shifting efforts instead to focus on software — specifically, the Adidas App and Runtastic (which the company […]

This is why Apple HIKED iPhone prices in India

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New Delhi, Dec 18: After the government hiked the customs duty from 10 per cent to 15 per cent for mobile handsets last week, Apple on Monday became the first manufacturer to raise prices (on MRP) across iPhone models, except iPhone SE that the company assembles in the country. “As expected, Apple has increased the iPhone […]

Samsung’s coolest-ever smartphone..It is special

Samsung’s coolest-ever smartphone..It is special Seoul, Dec 1: Taking the smartphone war in the premium segment to an entirely new level, a new patent from Samsung has revealed fully curved display that goes all the way to the back of the device. “The patent filed with the World International Property Office (WIPO) features a 180-degree edge […]

An iOS 11 bug might crash your iPhone on December 2nd

A bug in iOS 11.1.2 is causing iPhones to crash repeatedly once the clock hits 12.15am on December 2nd. As noted by iMore and Twitter engineer Yoshimasa Niwa, the bug appears to be related to third-party apps that use recurring local notifications for things like reminders. As such, you have two immediate options to stop the crashes if […]

Verizon says it will have 5G service in five cities by the end of next year

Verizon is getting closer to releasing its first commercial 5G network, with the company announcing today that it plans on launching 5G in three to five cities by the end of next year. The rollout starts with Sacramento, California sometime in the second half of 2018. There isn’t much more information beyond the location and general launch […]